Dispassionate review of Trading Results


When we look at our trading results #wetradefx (Currency Traders Club), we try to be as detached as possible.

Dispassionate review of Trading Results:

Here are a few things that we do as we go through our results:

Keep yourself honest:  We may remember only the winning trades and not realize we`re developing bad risk-management habits.

-Spot dangerous habits or lapses:  Over time, we`ll develop and refine our trading style.  If we`re successful, we`ll want to stay that way, and monitoring our trading results on a regular basis is the way to do that.

-Be our own best teacher:  Identify our strengths and weaknesses, as well as trading styles and market conditions that fit our temperament and discipline best.

-Identify market sessions and currency pairs that suit us best:  Interpreting our trading results to help pinpoint currency pairs where we`ve had the most success and avoid those where we don`t.  We may need to adapt our trading schedule and concentrate on only a portion of a particular trading session.

Forex Trading online is all about getting out of it what`s put into it.  Evaluating our trading results on a regular basis is an essential step in improving our trading skills, refining our trading styles, maximizing our trading strengths and minimizing our trading weaknesses is why #wetradefx we do the essential trading result reviews.

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