EUR/USD has a specific trading behavior


At Currency Traders Club we love the deep liquidity and tight trading spreads in EUR/USD.  Which what this pair ideal for both shorter-term and longer-term traders. The price action behavior in EUR/USD regularly exhibits a number of traits that us as traders need to be aware of.

Tick by tick in normal market conditions, EUR/USD tends to trade that way “tick-by-tick”, as opposed to other currency pairs, which routinely display sharper short-term price movements of several pips.  In trading terms, if EUR/USD is trading at 1.2910/13, there are going to be traders looking to sell at 13,14, and 15 and higher, while buyers are waiting to buy 9,8,7, and lower.

In contrast, other less-liquid currency pairs, like AUD/USD and USD/CAD, typically fluctuate in a far jumpier fashion, which is reflected by the wider price spread in those pairs.  The depth of liquidity in EUR/USD also reduces the number of price jumps or price gaps which is awesome in Currency Traders Club language. If gives just a more “stable” pair to tried versus the pairs that are more spike in  movement. We`ll get into more post on later post so stay tune.


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