Getting into the position


#wetradefx understanding that there are two ways to get into the markets:  At the market, or current price. Using the click-and-deal feature on the broker`s platform; or employ orders, such as limit orders and if/then contingent orders.  Certain trade setups suggest a combination of both methods for getting into the position. While others rely strictly on orders to capture rapid or unexpected price movements.  Then there`s the fine art of timing in the market to get at the best price at the moment.

Many traders like the idea of opening a position by trading at the market as opposed to leaving an order that may or may not be executed.  They prefer the certainty of knowing that they`re in the market. Actively buying as selling is also what makes trading as fun and exhilarating as it is hard work.

As we watch the price action, keeping a disciplined entry price in mind. Both in our favor and in case prices start to move away from our desired entry level.  If the market cooperates and moves to our desired trade entry price, #wetradefx staying with the plan and making the trade is vital. If prices move away from us. It is having a worst-case entry level in mind and being prepared to pull the trigger so we can still execute our overall strategy.  We may not be able to enter at a better price every time, but we think we will be surprised how often we can.

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