Recognizing what we did right and wrong


Regardless of the outcome of any trade, #wetradefx we want to look back over the whole process to understand what we did right and wrong.  In particular, we ask ourselves the following questions:

-How did we identify the trade opportunity?:  Was it bases on technical analysis, a fundamental view, or some combination of  the two?

-How well did we trade plan work out?:  Was the position size sufficient to match the risk and reward scenarios, or was it too

 large or too small?

-How well did we manage the trade after it was open?: Were we able to effectively monitor the market while our trade was


There are no right or wrong answers in this review process.  Just being honest about how we trade forex online with ourselves. No one else will ever know our answers, so we have nothing to lose by being candid.  On the contrary, we have everything to gain by identifying what we`re good at, identifying what we`re not so good at, and understanding how we should best approach the market


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